by Emily
(Forest, Louisiana )

Hey I'm Emily and I have been with a trucker for 1 and half! I grew up as a trucker daughter so I remember how it felt to never have my father there!

We live in forest Louisiana! Matt is gone almost all of the time! I never imagined Fallon for a truck driver but I did! He just started driving for a new company!

These past few weeks have been really really hard but I'm hangin in there because not only do I love him but I support him!

This is his dream and what he has always wanted to do! I know that he loves me and that all I need! I am here for him to come home to!

We have no children so I really have to find things to occupy my time! I am learning that he needs me to be strong for him and that is exactly what I will do!

I love him and wouldn't trade him for anything. He knows that I don't want our relationship to end up like my mother and fathers and I don't believe it will because the distance only makes us stronger!

Can't wait to spend the rest of my life being a Truckers Wife!

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