Eight months experienced as a truck driver

Looking for a job that will hire me as a OTR driver or as a team driver. I have 8 months of experience. Need a refresher course. I started driving at 03/2012 - 10-2012. The last company I work for was C.R. England. Which I was a team driver working as an independent contractor.

The company was called," Mighty Men Express". I was a fired due to an incident that occurred in August 2012. Which the company fired me due to not making a Macro 21. Which is a statement stating that what happen at the scene. The reason why this wasn't done was because when I talk to a lady and she told me to wait when the sheriff come and if I get an accident report put it in the macro.

When the sheriff came I told him as I was coming through the toll booth my trailer slide a little to the right {which it was raining that day}and it almost touch the divider but I saw it before it that far. So the sheriff went to look at my trailer and saw that there was no damage to the trailer or the divider which he said all he can do is write up an incident report stating what happen. So I never receive an accident report so I never thought I had to make a Macro 21 in the Qualcomm.

So I haven't been on the road since. I travel to the Midwest, West, East, and South Coast. I travel everywhere except Florida or New Hampshire.

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