Easy meals

by Debra
(Lebanon, Oregon)

Meal ideas for my husband to eat while on the road.

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Dec 07, 2009
by: Jennifer S


Outside of a fridge, and stopping at Walmart to buy precooked food, it would be almost impossible for him to carry food. However, things like can soup and things that are in metal can heat up easily. There is something called a portable oven--very very affordable.

Keith is home every week-end, so his options for eating are much easier than your husbands I am sure. I am able to prepare the food and freeze it.

Instead of ice. I take Gatorade, soda, and other bottles fill them with water, and freeze them. This lasts for 3-4 days with out ice. Then if needed through out the week- Keith buys ice.

We do not have the fridge's, they are pretty expensive- over 100.00. So I find alternative ways to provide him with what he needs. But honestly, he can save a ton of money on the road by stopping at walmart and grocery stores to stock up for the month. Canned soup is a wonderful idea ;)

Again, join us on facebook. I am almost always on and would be glad to help with other idea's! As will many of the other women!!



Dec 05, 2009
by: Lisa Hainline

it's frustrating to not have a microwave, just a tiny cooler and have him on the road for 4-5 weeks insisting there is nothing he can 'bring'...and that food is so terrible in those quick stops...and HATE that he eats only 1ce or maybe 2ce a and NOT healthy at that...so waht do you do?!

Aug 10, 2009
Saving money
by: Jennifer S

Well have your hubby look at it like this

He can spend at very minimum 20 dollars a day, or take 40 dollars = 2 days of meals, and save a TON of money ;)

Aug 10, 2009
To Jennifer S Re: Easy meals
by: Debrak

Was thinking of buying him an oven but he is a penny pincher and is paranoid cause he watches Glen Beck and listens to his radio show on the road. Trying to build up savings and food storage for emergencies. He said he doesn't want an oven. He doesn't make it easy for me. Like your suggestions, I will try them. Debra

Aug 10, 2009
Other idea's
by: Jennifer S


I have many many more idea's. But I am not sure what all you want. I do want to write a column on recipe idea's. I just have not had a chance to do so. I will give Hervy a holler, and see if he can give us a tab for recipe's. That would help tremendously. That way we can all add to it. We will also be able to give feed back, on how it worked out for the road.

I will let you know when I get it done. I have honestly been trying to do this for a while....juss gotta make it happen.

It happened! Here it is...easy trucking recipes

I know it is very expensive to live on the road. It cost keith and I very close to 400.00 to live on the road (eating and coffee) for 2 weeks. That is money that I can help save.

I made him the biscuits, and I also made him a Cheddar and Bacon Pizza.

Saving us a ton of money. there is so much that can be done. He will HAVE to invest in the little oven though. No need for the expensive Microwave's!

Aug 10, 2009
Eggs, Potatoe's, Cheese, and sausage
by: Anonymous

Yet another great meal idea for the truck


1 dozen large eggs
4 large potatoes
1 roll of sausage (hot dogs, ham, what ever he prefers)
Shredded cheese.

Boil the 4 large potatoes, then fry with green and red peppers, onions, salt and pepper to taste

Fry dozen eggs with salt and pepper to taste

Cook what ever meat that is preferred.

Mix together the scrambled eggs, potatoes, and meat when thoroughly cooked.

Allow to cool.

Place in aluminum foil. I find the best way to do this to fit in these ovens is in approximately 5 inches long, by 4 inches wide.

Then when you have it in the foil, generously layer it with cheese, and wrap.

Freeze for 48 hours.

Aug 10, 2009
Schnittker Cassarole
by: Jennifer S

Schnittker Casserole came out of necessity, low money, and a huge family to feed. We found it was such a HUGE hit, that we make it now because we like it.

Need: (for truck meals- will make 10 servings)
1 bag of chimichonga's or burrito's.
2 can's of bean less chili (I use homemade)
2 8 oz bags of cheese (I use sharp cheddar)
Aluminum foil
Freezer Baggies.

Place each chimichonga on a nice sized piece of aluminum foil.

Place 3 generous table spoons of chili on top of the burrito.

Spread a decent amount of cheese on top of the burrito

Wrap, and freeze for 48 hours.

He will need to cook this in his oven for about 1 hour.

For a home sized meal. 2 bags of chimichonga's. layered in a cake pan, or large dish.

Poor 5 cans of bean less chili over top

2-3 lbs of shredded cheese.

Bake on 375 for about an hour- or until you see the chili boiling through the thick layer of cheese.

Serve with Sour cream!

Good stuff

Aug 10, 2009
Egg/Bacon Biscuits
by: Jennifer S


This week, here is what I did for my husband. Yes, it does need heated up, but for 40.00 he can buy himself what they call an oven. It is a cheap way to heat up food, with DC plug

I took 20 eggs, 20 biscuits, and 1lb of bacon

Fry the bacon to crisp

Make the biscuits-follow the directions.

The eggs I made as if Making omelets, then put cheese on them (simply made cheese omelets)

Cutting the omelet into 6 pieces, placing that on the biscuit, and putting the bacon on top of it.

I then took 2 of the mini egg/bacon biscuits, wrapped them in foil. Then put them in a freezer baggie, and froze them for 48 hours.

This helps to keep them on the road longer.

He had 4 biscuits per day for Breakfast. They will stay good longer if frozen

Aug 10, 2009
Easy meals
by: DebraK

Thanks for the replies. My hubby is a picky eater when it comes to meals on the road only. At home, he eats anything. Received other ideas on Cafemom.com also. He hates soggy food and tired of sandwiches. He only has a frige, no microwave. He does have a coffee maker and also uses it for hot water for instant soups but it has been hot in Oregon lately. Just asked this morning if he would try a variety of stuffed tortillas. Said he would try anything new. Again, thanks for the replies and still lookin for more ideas. Debra

Aug 07, 2009
Meal Idea's
by: Jennifer S


I have been throwing around the idea of doing a section on just that. I have been out of town for the last 2 weeks- Give me a few days to get my bearings, and we will see what we can do about that.

Easy trucking recipes....add yours too...

Aug 06, 2009
Debra's hubby might be hungry.
by: Jimmy

Does hubby like made from scratch or what? Will he have a microwave/fridge/crock pot ? Is he a baloney sandwich guy ? You should know, right? You can send him out with a case of beans or frozen home made meals in a zip bag to microwave. Jimmy

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