Eager to suceed and move forward

by Quay A. Roland
(Philadelphia-Kennett ,Pa.)

Hi I'm a new driver looking for a second chance. I've done construction for the past 16 years,but due to the economy work has dried up for me.

I went to All state Career almost ten grand worth of tuition and can not find a driving job.

Unfortunately like a idiot I caught a dui 5 yrs. ago after a birthday get together for myself.

I also have 3 misdemeanors the first is from 2000 for marijuana poss.w/i to deliver and conspiracy buying weed out of a store that got raided and they charged everyone in there with intent to deliver charges, buying or not.

The 2nd in 2002 for use/poss of drug paraph.(weed) once again,

The third one from 11/11/2005 for recklessly endangering another person over a argument and some words passed.

I'm a hard working family man with several young children and desperately looking for a regional opportunity with a company or owner operator to get started with.

Yes, I've made some mistakes in life, but how long must I suffer for them.I'm a prayerful man and have faith that GOD will send a driving job my way soon so that I may continue to support my family.

GOD BLESS! By the way I have a tanker,doubles/triples and a P endorsements. Well I have a p permit, I take the passenger endorsement road test next week, and GOD willing, expect to pass first attempt like I did all other test thus far.

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