Driving record questions

(killeen tx)

Just had a quick question on my driving record, I used to live in Michigan and had some things on it such as driving with no insurance and a few speeding tickets when I was younger, I now live in TX and was wanting to get my cdl here in this state. The question is will a company do a state driving record check or is there a way for them to check every state I think I have one speeding ticket in TX but it was about two years ago. Does anyone think that it will affect me getting a job

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Dec 07, 2009
Driving License a Truckers Tool of the Trade
by: Hervy

Pretty sure all the DMV are connected now. They used to do state checks now then they used to do like contiguous states. Now I think they do the sensible thing a national check.

Sounds like you may have learned your lesson but I hope it is not too late as far as trucking career goes, would be interesting to know how it turns out.

Le us know if you will.

Not a lot I can say I used to be a speed demon when I was a teen a loooooooong time ago. (in a car)

Heard some guys on the radio though a few weeks ago.
Grown men, driving trucks complaining about how many points they got and the 3 speeding tickets one guy got this year already. The fines he has to pay and still he speeds up and down the road cause he was saying how he slows down and do the speed limit in California.

Any new driver listening (I mean reading) please don't be an idiot like those grown unprofessional truckers.

There is absolutely no way to justify or sugar coat how stupid, irresponsible and downright self destructive it is to run 15mph over the speed limit religiously with a big truck like they were bragging about.

The minute they are finally shut down they will be acting like it is someone else's fault.

Hopefully they won't kill someone or themselves first.

Oct 28, 2009
by: Nick V

Jimmy is right, trust me. Like I told another guy on here. With the technology today and the extensive background checks, cause lets be honest, these people are going to turn over a $200K rig to you, they kinda wanna know your last name and stuff ya know. They can find out if you looked up mary janes skirt in pre k if they wanted. So yes, they will figure it out.

Best thing is to be honest. And QUIT SPEEDING!!! You may be able to find a company to take you but you get popped in a rig thats your butt.

Plus speeding in a rig is going about it all the wrong way anyway. Slow and steady.

Hope this helps

Oct 27, 2009
Texas guy
by: Jimmy

You have to list all drivers licenses held in past 7 years, so they will know about your past record.

Insurance companies are high tech and you cannot get anything past them.


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