Driving and Driving

by Collin Barnette
(Visalia, Ca)

In town, out in the country,even on the freeway, but I really only get about an hour a day. The school puts two to four students in the truck with the instructor and off we go. Someone gets to drive and everybody else is watching and learning. That is if they can keep the conversation and their minds on the topic at hand.

Merging with traffic, yielding, using your mirrors, and keeping a proper position in your lane (steering control)are constants. Right turns and left turns, staying in your lane as much as possible and staying off the curb. Being in the proper gear for the weight and speed of the truck is also important.

Making traffic checks and practicing proper following distance are practiced. Deceleration and stopping at the limit line or so you can see the tires of the vehicle in front of you where they touch the ground.

I have had to get over some of my bad habits like resting one hand on the shifter. You need to keep both hands on the steering wheel (opposite sides). Hand over hand turning and not shifting across railroad tracks was another one.

So much to think about. I feel I am doing very well so wish me luck as I go to take my driving test at the DMV. I have already spent a few days down at that place waiting. I have read a whole book. Be patient and stay positive.

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