Drivers on Suboxone

Just wanna tell my story. Was on 20mg methadone due to major reconstructive hand surgery for pain, 2 years later gota renew my medical card and boy how fast things changed! I was unaware ya can't drive on methadone so I took 2 weeks off, went through nasty withdrawals to hurry and get on Suboxone.

Its super expensive even with ins. BTW. Im on 8mg of that stuff, its not great for pain management and my BP is up from switching. I want my Suboxone Dr to start taking me down fast to get off of it but we warns me of those wickedly nice withdrawals if I go too fast. So the medication I got on to get off of methadone is (from what I'm reading) a crap shoot.

I have to either lie to the DOT examiner and not list it on the meds form plus hope they don't pull up the pharmacy records or bring a doctors note and pray I get good exam doc that is ok with my doctors advocation.

22 years driving for this union job accident free mind you. I just need 7 more.

Any thoughts??

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