Driver Seeking Job: (Getting back in the saddle)

by Ken
(Kansas City Missouri)

Me and my 2002 Harley Wide Glide

Me and my 2002 Harley Wide Glide

Hi my name is Ken.

I have driven all 48 States from 1987-1994 and have driven in every type of terrain. Had to stop driving due to divorce. I currently live in Kansas City Missouri.

I have experience pulling flatbed, oversize loads, all kinds of equipment, coils, transformers, steel, lumber, cable spools and occasionally glass.

I have pulled refer units and vans also.

I have a ton of experience and knowledge to bring to the table. I know how to run a rig to keep it profitable and am looking forward to buying my own truck in the future. I am very familiar with the business :-)

I am very safe and reliable.

I have kept my Class-A CDL current, and I have my medical card. I have no medical issues and never been hospitalized.

I don't have a criminal background, never been arrested, never had an accident.

To sum this up I am looking for a solid, honest and reputable owner operator or company to take me on. You wont be disappointed.

I do not want to go to the companies that will view me as a greenhorn student just out of school. My past (about 8 years) needs to count for something, and I know it does. You can take the driver out of the truck...but you cant take the truck out of the driver :-)

I just need someone who wants a reliable intelligent driver and will give me the tools to succeed.

It would be a win win situation :-)

You can e-mail me at Lurchkcmo@Yahoo.Com

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Thank you.

Kansas City Mo truck driving jobs

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