Driver seeking a job

by Richard Cole
(Palestine,Texas, USA)

I came off the road in April of 2008 and went into the oilfields of east Texas as a vacuum truck driver in the oilfields, mostly pulling saltwater from natural gas wells. 130-150 barrel tankers.

Had 2 years with Key energy and had problems with my blood pressure on and off for the last few years. I flunked my DOT physical and had to get my BP down.

Have tried to retest 2 times and still could not pass. I applied for SSDI but not so easy even with back problems. I'm 59 yrs old.

I started driving a truck over the road in 1977 and had 2 yrs in the military driving after returning from Vietnam. It's all I have done. Been to 49 states in a truck and all provinces in Canada but the upper parts like in Church Hill.

Most of my experience is in Reefer. Ran a Flatbed for about 8 months,ran into Alaska and most of Canada in 1988. Didn't care much for the skateboard.

Have a good safety record. No tickets or accidents to speak of in the last 10 yrs. No DUI's My freight claims were very little if any. I always made sure my loads were secured and would check every time I stopped.

I am trying to go back to driving again. Have found a doctor willing to work with me without cost so would like to get back into produce hauling.

I have a younger brother on disability that is also trying to get back into driving again as well. We were thinking of running team. I live in Palestine,Texas and have roots here. Don't want to move.

My brother lives in Camdenton, Mo Well that's about it.
Palelstine and surrounding area team truck driving jobs

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