Driver Reward Cards

by NickV
(Live Oak, TX)

Havent seen anything on the site although I may have overlooked it somewhere but wanted to talk about driver reward cards while its fresh on the mind.

Drivers can ask for these cards at Loves and they have them on hand. I think you have to send off for Flying J but they will have kiosks at each truck stop to either print you a temporary or sign up for one so maybe next time you get through the house it will be there.

These cards come in handy when fueling you can swipe these and earn money while spending your companies.

Truck stops put a certain amount of cents per gallon you pump. Dont worry this will add up quickly and save you in a pinch if you get stuck for a weekend with no funds.

Also you can get free showers built up on these along with the money you gain. These showers do have "expirations" where you have to use them in a certain amount of time but if you fuel at the end of your trip or first thing in the morning its there for you to use whenever you want to take your shower.

There are so many perks to having these cards and they are free so swipe em when you fuel and reep the rewards!

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Sep 23, 2016
Conditions to get a card
by: Lou

What are the conditions to get the truck driver's reward card?
How to they check or make sure you are a professional truck driver?

I am wondering whether you can get around the "for truck drivers only" as a RVer who fuels diesel but apparently is no professional driver.

It would be convenient here and there to get these shower credits.

Can anyone report what they asked for when you signed up? Any paperwork? Contracts?

CDL to be shown as proof?

Aug 22, 2011
Truck Driver Reward Programs
by: Vicki Simons

Although differences may exist, most of the truck driver reward programs in the USA credit the holder of the card used at their chain's fuel pump with 1 point (worth 1 cent each but not redeemable for cash) per gallon pumped.

Teams will obviously pump fuel much more frequently if the size of their tanks is the same as a solo driver's. A company driver who has twin 120 tanks (240 gallons total), who gets 6 mpg, and who drives about 500 miles per day will have to fuel every 2-3 days.

My husband Mike and I
have been able to redeem truck stop rewards program points toward truck stop store merchandise and especially food in the franchise restaurants on the premises.

If a professional driver wants a free shower after a fuel-up, it is best to have a rewards card for that chain. We don't know how he or she would be able to redeem a shower without a card.

Some truck stops have kiosks whereby drivers can learn how many free showers they have available as well as their rewards balance. Be aware that if showers are not used before their "expiration date," they will be null and void.

Mike shares his favorite frugal story about using reward program points when an item he wanted was on sale years ago:

There are also some things that rewards points can't be used for. We detail that on our website, too.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

Aug 22, 2011
saving money with rewards cards
by: hervy

Good one Vicki,

No I hadn't mentioned it don't think anyone else had either.

You are right those cards come in handy.

Here's another tip....

That rewards card can be used to pay for scale tickets. When you are heavy and have to be axles out, don't pay with cash, pay with your points so you can get reimbursed cash by your company for the points you use.

That's an honest way to convert your points to cash. For those who don't buy anything in the truckstops.

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