Driver CDL's Class A, with Tankers,Doubles,& Tripples endorsements

by Shawn Smith
(Chicago, IL)

Hi there,on Feb 24th 2012 I graduated a truck driving school here in Chicago Illinois. Its was a 240 hour class with over 40 in actual driving.

Now I have a Felony on my record from 1990,When I was 17 years old I was no doubt hanging with the wrong crowd and as a result i serve some time because someone was killed and i with others was charged.

I truly learned a life lesson too and been out over 7 years now. I have had the privilege of some great jobs since being out.

I love to drive and have been thinking for sometime about being a Truck driver and now that i have finally received my CDL's I am very much ready to get back to work.

I just need someone to give me the opportunity here. If someone can help me please feel free to contact me at (
Response: Shawn congratulations on completion of trucking school and being more aware of how you spend your time.

Keep your head up and continue the move forward in the right direction. You might get a few closed doors of course. As you know people can be unforgiven, but persistence always pays off.

You charge is pretty old so, I am sure you will eventually get a foot in the door.

Speedy journey,

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Jul 18, 2012
Felonies NEW
by: Cheryl

Since you have not been in any trouble since then, why don't you try to get you record expunged. Go to and it will give you information and instructions on how to do this.
Good Luck!

May 22, 2012
Just a Thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Harvy, I thank you very much for your response as well as your encouraging words.I definitely know that my persistants and drive will pay off because i have had some great jobs over the past seven years that no doubt surprised enen me and my family.It all came from me getting out there and making good things happen.

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