Drama of team driving

Well I am not a trucker but a trucker's wife & I will give my experience about team driving via what my husband has told me.

My husband is new at it - he has only been driving for 4 months & he was so proud after he completed his time with the trainer & then he passed his final test & they gave him a truck of his own & here comes the horror story!

My husband requested a team partner to be from our area or close by. Well they give him a kid that lived 4 states away & this kid didn't know what he wanted out of life.

They were doing good running coast to coast until the truck broke down & they were held up in a hotel room together when my husband came out of the bathroom & overheard the kid saying I'm leaving now & "I'm on my way."

My husband asked him, "what was this all about?"

He told my husband that he had another job offer & a better one leaving my husband to drive solo for 2 weeks.

Then the FM (fleet mgr) calls my husband to tell him that the kid was coming back & he would be back on the truck & so when my husband picked him up, he asked the kid are you leaving again?

He told my husband no man, you got my word & promise that I learned my lesson & I am never leaving again.

Well he was a big fat liar because my husband just got over taking some down time leaving this kid to go solo for a couple days which turned out to be 5 days because the kid was a slacker telling my husband that he would pick him up on scheduled time where it turned out 3 days later.

When he finally did pick up my husband, this kid had a load on the back of the truck abandoning the load & then leaving my husband to go solo again.

You just can't trust no one's word today. Solo is better than team because you may not bring in the money like you do when you go team but solo don't have all the hassles & aggravations like team driving does!

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Dec 19, 2022
Team Driving Could Make an MTV Show
by: The Crazy Trucker

Thanks for sharing that story!

Although not every team trucking life situation would be as bad.

There are many variations of that story which happens often.

Not only that but many team driving job don't pay as well as they advertise for a reason that is related to the story..... Poor work habit of your co driver or lack of drive (pun intended) lol.

Different goals or lack of direction or not sure of what he/she wants to do or eyes on the green pastures elsewhere or being homesick and wanting to go home all the time etc.

So yes there's a lot to team driver. Best case is to know who youre teaming with.

team driving tips

Sep 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

are you not taking your meds?

this story same story comes up all the time now.

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