Double Clutching.

by Zach

I dont Fully Understand Double Clutching. I Know Clutching and All. But I don't understand Double Clutching.


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Feb 21, 2017
How to Double Clutch
by: Hervy

Double clutching is simply depressing the clutch when coming out of a gear and again before going into the next gear. You have to learn this in school but once on the road, it is likely you won't need to double clutch.

In case you are like me and like knowing the details of why this is needed in some older transmissions, the first video explains it better. If you don't care about the details and just want to see it demonstrated, go to the second video, lol.

Demonstration of double clutching in a big truck

Mar 13, 2010
just float
by: Anonymous

Hey man double clutching is bullshit ive drove for 10 years and i just float gears im not in the need to have knee surgery and you shouldnt eather just float um !!!!!!

Jan 08, 2009
double clutch
by: jimmy

Instead of depressing the clutch one time and shifting from say 1st to 2nd, you will stop your shift midway between gears (in neutral)and and release and depress then follow thru with the shift. make sense?............jimmy

Oct 13, 2008
What is double clutching
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hello Zach,

Double clutching is used to match RPM's of the engine and transmission when shifting gears. If an attempt is made to shift without this synchronization of gears you will have excessive wear and tear when the gears are trying to lock in together.

When you hear someone shifting and the gears are scraping and grinding, the gears are not spinning in sync. One is spinning faster or slower than the other.

To double clutch you would depress the clutch to take the gear shifter out of gear.

Release the pedal.

Then you would press the clutch in again to put it in the next gear.

In new transmissions double clutching should not be necessary. I don't know if they still require you to learn the procedure in school or not.

In school they taught double clutching at the company they didn't. Most experienced drivers on the road shift without the clutch at all.

We float the clutch. You will learn how to do what is permitted by your company during the process of training at that company.

It isn't something to spend time worrying about.

Hope this helped man.

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