Double Bunk Trip

by Larry
(Deland, FL)

This is a simple way of blowing your co-drivers mind. I thought this up myself at a T/S in TX. We travel from FL to CA to deliver Orange Juice and bring Garbage back or Tree of Life. There were maybe five teams that run CA every week, we all know each other. In short, we played tricks on each other all the time.

Early 90's and we got two test trucks with Double Bunks. First we seen of Double Bunks and these trucks were fast as well and run factory 72 and 78mph. Company trucks only did 57mph. We all stopped at the 76 Truck Stop other side of the Alamo to meet up and eat a dinner and plan what we do in CA after we unload. No cell phones at this time. We would typically meet somewhere usually places we knew in CA working on our backhauls back to FL. This was normal and typical every week for us and most these guys have ran teams together for more than twenty years together.

I got a idea, when my co-driver stays in the bunk at the 76 T/S and does not want to eat with us because he is to sleepy. Not that a little help from a bottle of Nyquil had anything to do with it. I asked one of team drivers if he would drive our truck so I could climb into the sleeper in the top bunk. I would wait until the truck was up to speed and making the usual noises going down the road with the air coming in the vent
as normal. I let my arm fall over the top and hit his shoulder. Ron, leans out and looks up and says. What are you doing? I said, I got sleepy. Ron, just says ok and lays back in the bunk. The guy goes back to sleep? I waited, and I waited, and it finally strikes him. Ron, leans out, Who is driving the Truck! I said, I have no idea. Ron lays there for a while thinking and very quiet. I never saw his feet touch the floor to get to the front to grab the wheel. Jumped up there so fast it looked like a Casper. Only took to NM state line to before he realized the truck was rolling on it's own with no driver in front.

Every driver pulled this one for months after that. Everybody wanted the Double Bunks to pull this joke. We messed with each other all the time anyway we could if it was good. When the Double Bunks came out on the road. We lost our motels, but had a great time messing with each other.

The Golden Vice Grips on the governor supply line under the shifter so the truck would run 78mph instead of 57mph was always good. And we got fired for it to. Several got fired. Double Bunk pranks were better. 57mph is why we needed Nyquil. Left a driver naked in a rest area in AZ one very nice day. Forgot his cloths were in the truck I guess. Bye Bye! See yea! Have fun! Should always wear those shorts. Crowded rest area to. Full of people.

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Ron has a Casper reaction indeed. When my friends had almost the same situation, they lost the wheel. You've managed to make it through very well. Thanks to Ron.

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