Don't Haul extra weight in freight for free?

(Brookings oregon)

Hauling extra weight

Hauling extra weight

I want to know if you guys having the same issue.. I was in Brooking Oregon Getting lumber For my broker 48,000 and they ended up putting 50,680 pound of product I told them no. that is 2680lb more then what I agree too.. even though I was legal 11940 on steers 35020 on my drive and 35600 trailer I have a spreed truck is light and trailer around 27500..anyway the point is why Carrie more weight for free and not get paid more they keep saying everyone take it..

well I decline the load ..told them to take all off. The broker told me he would give me 50 bucks more. I laugh ..not even worth my time and plus there no Certified scales around 75 miles away ..

I think has a truck drivers need to stand up to the brokers and to the shippers had and say no..we want more money if we carry more then 48000...

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Feb 09, 2017
Truckers stand up
by: Hervy

You're right, why?

Glad you didn't just take it. Wish everyone would respond that way. Even if you are company driver, don't let the dispatcher talk you into hauling more weight than you can legally haul.

Some of those guys will take advantage if they can.

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