Dont give up, breath, get out and look

by Truckinntestifyin

I never felt claustrophobic till i started driving a rig, id break out in a sweat, and backing was my strong suit...

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Dec 19, 2022
For Some Backing a Truck Comes Easy
by: The Crazy Trucker

For some like you backing up a truck comes easier. I LOVE backing up. And I think probably for people who love playing a challenging sport they might like the challenge of backing.

For others who hate backing and avoid it at all cost...

You said it all in your title....

Don't give up. Stop as much as you need to and get out and look.

Over time you'll get better and better.

And by the way, I know a lot of you are at companies who's philosophy is to avoid back as much as possible.

Well, I will say it like this.

If you finish up your day early enough to get to a truck stop half empty (Or even mostly full) it's a perfect opportunity to work on backing into your parking space instead of pulling through.

There will be times that you NEED to back and you don't have all day to do it cause people are waiting for you.

In the middle of the day or early evening at the back of a truck stop, no one is pressuring you to hurry up so you'll feel more comfortable taking your time.

SO PRACTICE! Screw what the trucking company is telling you. THey will never be in the situation where the skill is actually needed.

So it's easy for them to say avoid backing at all cost. They have limited and narrow perspective.

A common issue with people today, but i

Best wishes on your trucking journey. Thanks for sharing
help with confidence on backing up a truck

Jul 21, 2017
Do you also love art?
by: Hervy

I'll bet that you are artistic. Just a guess because I believe that people who like or are good at backing up are also artistic.

Soooo are you?

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