Domgittie - Tips from growth as an owner operator.

I'm a owner operator for 4 yrs now. I come from a family of truckers who are all owner operators.

All i can say is I love it. IL have had down times and then I've had good times. When I was younger as a o/o I was stupid.

Tax trouble, never saved and now you grow and become smarter. Always keep records of every penny spent.

Never get lazy because it will effect you later and most of all don't listen to any crap you hear over the road, it will confuse you and you will end up broke.

Don't let these TV shows fool you. Forget about all the chrome and shiny paint, just focus on staying safe and making money. Always and I mean always take care of your truck. Maintenance is everything.

If you brake down that extra money saved instead of wasted could come in handy.

But may God bless everyone in their plan and I pray you all make money and live happy.

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Nov 14, 2012
maintenance and break downs cost money NEW
by: Cork Luchi

Hello my name is Cork im from Montana. I just read ur post and i have to agree with you. Ive been an owner operator for 16u years now and i also have 9a children. So i know how important it is to watch every penny and to keep up on ur maintenance. I run the the best synthetic oil and filtration on the market. Not only does it save me money it gives my equipment the best protection especially over here in Montana in the cold winters. If you would like to know more just check out my web site and contact me if ur interested. Thanks for reading this. Here's my site. check it out :)

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