Do the profession proud

by Connie
(Denver, CO)

Raised by Independent HHG, Mom rode when she could in between raising me. Earned my allowance by lumping HHG and cleaning the Semi. Proceeded to working for the Agent my Father hauled for from High School, taught by the best. My Mother also started working for them.

My Parents were fantastic. My Father retired at 72 after trucking for 46 years, my husband is still working at 36 years trucking. Trucking is hard work, and even though young a new trucking mate may not understand, word for you, "Don't"! Don't gripe, Don't complain, Don't self pity, Don't assume, Don't accuse. Don't Cheat and think you can get away with it, Don't trouble with petty problems that can wait until the driver gets home, unless you want your income ended with DEATH because the drivers mind is so upset it takes away from the job of driving with idiots on the road who think tons can stop on a dime with a carload of children.

Think about it!

I "Do" know it is a lot easier said than done. Only my opinion,and fact, of combined 243 years family experience and life as truckers. My experience, labor to owner to administration, in the trucking industry was equal (according to a government work experience evaluation, "equal to an Air Traffic Controller". Truckers are an Elite Family, maintain the
code and do your profession proud.

If you are a trucker you do not have to "realize" anything, you Know!

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