Do It Like Megan the Stallion - Go Independent

by The Crazy Trucker
(North Carolina)

Do it like Megan the Stallion

Do it like Megan the Stallion

Megan the Stallion wanted more money and control over her career so she went independent. However, she did sign a deal with a larger company for distribution.

So I would say her situation is closer to a lease operator than it is independent contractor.

But in trucking, both of these arrangements means the same as it means for Megan....

More money, more control, and more responsibility.

Hopefully you have taken my advice and while you were company driver you were paying close attention and asked many question as well as set some money aside for funding and emergencies

As owner operator with your own authority, you will have to find your own loads. As a lease operator, the company your lease on to will find the loads for you. Of course they could give you access to the load board and you find the loads there as well.

So don't stay in a situation unhappy about the lack of freedom complaining too long. If you have the money sat aside and you've built up your credit....

Consider becoming an owner operator
or becoming a lease driver.

Right now is a terrible time because rates are so low but....

Well, let me rephrase that. Right now is a great time if you have $30,000 saved up and can operate with very slim profit margin.

Because you will already be in place when rates come back up in 2024. Most others will wait and miss some of that money meanwhile you'll be aging your DOT number and forming relationships with brokers.

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