Displaced, legally disabled 48yr Engineer. Need advice from experienced independent drivers.

by Christopher Laub
(Lockport, NY)

I am a a legally disabled 48 year old Process Engineer. I am in a position where I can't regain entry into a engineering position. Tried since Workers Comp. was settled in 2010 and finished Masters' in SUNY State College at Buffalo.

Live in Lockport, NY. All large corporations are gone, (i.e) Delphi.

My 26 yr. old son can't find any F-T unskilled work, even at minimum wage. I have the funding to purchase any truck, up to $150,000.00 cash. Would not do so.

Need advisement as what to purchase as a novice father and son team could not purchase a cab that would be out of service as we pay to have it fixed.

I need my son to have a skilled trade as "trucking", I need to make money to keep my home and wife and other son in a home.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and must do a "plan of action" quickly as current money would be gone in several years and we as a family take no happiness as collecting SSD benefits.

We want to have a purpose in life and my wife and I have a moral obligation to help our sons become independent and a way to support themselves.

Thanks in advance for any sound advice from qualified personnel who know this trade and business.


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Sep 05, 2013
by: Chris

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to give me a professionals advice. I had no idea you could "lease" a truck and even get a discount on fuel.

The other financial advice is also of great value to me

Thanks again!

Sep 05, 2013
hi NEW
by: Anonymous

Been driving over the road for 23+ years. Got off the road for 3 year now back into it just last month. There is money to be made in trucking. If you can afford to pay cash for a truck then you would be ahead of the game. The less over head you have the better. It is not how much you make but how much you can keep. Road expense will dip heavy in your earnings. With that said as far as trucks Peter built is the most durable as far as engine Cummings will give you the best fuel mileage and performance.also kenworth is a good truck as well. You don't need a big engine or big transmission like a 18 speed. Keep it simple a 10 or 13 speed will get the job done. You can lease your truck on with a company were they will pay the license and registration. All you pay is insurance on your truck maintenance and fuel. They will also give you a company fuel card to get a discount at the pump. If you are getting the miles or a decent percentage of the load you should have no problem grossing $150,00 to 200,00 a year running solo more as a team. I would say go for it trucking is and always will be a good business to be in. Good luck.

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