Discounts on tires with UZ Trans INC

by UZ Trans INC

Have flat tire? Tired of calling to 20+ different tire shops to compare their prices? Save your time and money!!!

Just call us, tell size of the tire you need, your location and we will give you an estimate and location of the nearest Love’s or TA all over the USA.

Our prices are mentioned below:
Yokohama, price starts from $345.27
BFGoodrich, price starts from $375.95
Michelin, price starts from $455.56
Hankook, price starts from $316.43
All prices are fixed for any Love’s or TA in any state. You can be in FL or CA, NJ or TX but the price of the tire will still be the same!!!

Do not call to 20 different shops and compare their prices, just call us 24/7 314-665-3030 and ask MJ or Stan.

We can offer you discount on tires all over the US at any Love’s or TA.

Feel free to call us 24/7 at 314-665-3030 or send us an e-mail to

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