Difficulty keeping him going

by Chelsie
(Russell ny)

My boyfriend of 5 years and i have 2 beautiful children and they are getting to the age where they know daddy is leaving and dont want him too go.

I work two jobs and take care of the kids while he works over the road from sunday at noon till friday night about 10 or 11 pm.

He has been a trucker since we got together but it seems when he is gone this short period of time then home for a day is harder than when he was gone for 8 weeks then came home for a month at least then we had time to spend together and with the kids.

Whats your advice or sugestio s on getting through this rough time?

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Apr 01, 2018
There Might Be Other Options
by: Hervy

If you guys live in Russel, I'm not sure how many options there are around there. Make sure to scan the area real well for local manufacturing and distribution companies.

You can go to the library and ask the librarian to point you to a book with a list of such businesses. Find out if they have local positions. Seem both of you are pretty busy though.

Another option would be to become an owner operator and run hard to pay for the truck. Then he could run half the time he does now and make the same money.

If there are very limited opportunities there, you might also look into supplementing your income using the internet. Maybe open an online shopify store or selling T-shirts or self publish a book or do some sort of training. what problems can you solve for other people that you can turn into a business or source of income?

Definitely don't want both of you to spend that much time working as a long term plan.

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