Diesel, Can't live with it/Can't live without it. You decide.

by Rob
(Cleburne, TX, USA)

The price of diesel continues to steadily climb. Diesel fuel is the particular fuel that powers everything in the world's economy and I mean everything!

It is even the fuel used to transport other types of fuels: crude, refined, natural, c&g, jet etc.

Ironically it is even the fuel used to transport materials for the building, construction and development of green energy .

On the east coast diesel fuel shortages were and are being experienced. Especially in our industry we should keep our eyes on current world events and news.

Diesel fuel is really the "new gold standard." The person who makes their living in the transportation industry must plan as much as possible for a continued push for other forms of energy and how it affects our personal means of making a living.

Even though when the smoke clears the conclusion will inevitably be affordable diesel fuel is the bottom line.

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