decatur ga greg rowland

by Greg Rowland
(decatur ga)

I have been driving since the 80s and have had some bad experiences with some companies. I am a good driver but i have also had some things happening my life that has caused me a lot of damage to my career.

I have an ex wife that tried to ruin me and has caused me to be on probation until i finish paying the fine off . I love being a trucker and I want to drive again i recently drove for an o/o and he ripped me off every payday and caused me to be in a worse financial bind than i was before i went to work for him . Needless to say i'm very leary of that situation again.

I want to own my own truck but i need good guidance from a good person that owns his or her own truck and that could teach me and mentor me into success in this profession.

If anyone would be willing to give me another chance i would be very grateful. I hope that someone will give me another chance ,so far i have run into nothing but thieves ans people with there own agendas in this world.

I have a wife that travels with me and a little dog that sits in her lap all the time. We are very clean people and take pride in our truck and the way we operate in this industry. If anyone would like to talk to me and give me a chance i am available to talk at any time.

I should also tell you that at this time i am a veteran of the military and i am in this program that puts us in section 8 housing in decatur ga this program sucks because i am white and they dont help us at all most of the time we dont even have food or bill money and my counselor dont. Like. Us because we are white.

I am not a prejudice or racial person but after the treatment we have received it is enough to make us that way but we believe that god has something else for us and we dont want that crap on us as being racial or ugly towards our fellow man.

My number is 4045533618 i am available all the time if someone is interested pl give me a call. Or email me at plz do not call if your not a good person .

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Aug 06, 2014
Keeping an open mind
by: Hervy

If you don't want people to form ideas about how you feel about people of other races, you probably should have keep your thoughts to yourself.

Also be careful about your thoughts when dealing with people. Check and see if the person at the office isn't acting the way he/she is because of what you project. Example...attitude. Or assuming the other person might treat you differently prior to and therefor having your interactions tainted. It happens sometimes for people of all races, especially when if they rarely deal with other races personally.

See if the person responds differently if you are pleasant and humble. It can often help even if the other person has a bad attitude toward you.

Best of luck.

Take a look at this video. The advise is true whether trucking or not.

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