Daniel Miller Pinetop, AZ

by Daniel Miller
(Pinetop, AZ, United States)

My Name Is Daniel Miller I have Been Driving For The Last 3 Years and have 2 years and A few Months Experience. I Started Out Getting My CDL At C.R.England In Burns Harbor Indiana. After Being On The Trainers Truck For 3 Months It was time for me to get my own Truck.

I Arrived back at the Burns Harbor Terminal and was waiting for the Phase 2 Trainer to take me to Salt lake city to get my own truck when ii had a family emergency. I called CR ENGLAND and Let them know what was going on and they said Ok call us when your ready to come back.

So i called my dad for a ride back home and 1 week later when i was about to call crengland i got a letter in the mail saying i was no longer employed due to not coming back to work. I spent the next few months looking for Non Trucking jobs and giving plasma for $55 A week and Mowing peoples Lawns as well as raking in the fall and shoveling snow in the Winter.

My Family Then Moved to AZ When I Got to AZ I started looking for Trucking Jobs. I found US Xpress which was the only company that i didn't have to restart and go with a trainer again. so i went to Irving TX to Begin my employment With them.

It wasn't without its faults But I Liked Them more than CR ENGLAND I drove for them for 4-5 Months and During this time my older Brother Chris Got his CDL through CR ENGLAND and We Wanted to Team Together However CR ENGLAND would Not Release Him from his contract with them so that he could come to team with me so i decided to go back to cr england and team with him. I started back with cr england and they said that i still didn't have enough experience so i would have to go with a refresher Trainer so My Brother went through the Trainer Class So that he could "TRAIN" Me....

(I Had More Experience than he did) SO we Drove together for a month or 2 but neither of us were making any money they would give a "TEAM" a 200 mile load that wasnt due till 2 days later so we decided to go somewhere else.... but No Companys would hire him cause he was still on contract with them.. so we waited and waited 1 1/2 months till his contract expired..

We had heard from a Buddy of his about a company that you could lease a truck and trailer and make really good money called EAGLE LOGISTICS based out of Indianopolis In and all sounded good to us so we went and got hired they said they had a lot of team freight but boy
was that not the case.

We eventually had to book our own freight which i really enjoyed but every good paying load that i found was followed with the same answer "WERE NOT SET UP WITH THEM" and eagle never tried to get set up either or by the time they did that load was gone after a few months and a few 0 paying weeks we had to go somewhere else or go broke so we went over to schneider schneider was great when it came to keeping you rolling but between my dispatcher who treated you with so much disrespect and the home time schedules we saw a better opportunity at knight port services....

Knight Port services was a cool experience Once i got My Twic Card I got on Beef Runs Hauling Beef for 3000 miles a week And Having One hectic idiotic day of the week in the Port I worked for them for a year before i took a vacation for thanksgiving ... a day before i left they wanted me to come down and i told them i couldn't because of my flight so i flew to NC For Thanksgiving and When i came Back I drove the truck home to gather my trucking things and Drop off my vacation Stuff

The Next morning knight called Me and told me to come down to phoenix so i did and they called me into a meeting and told me that the truck that i drove home was on a safety Hold and That they were letting me go because i drove the truck when it was on safety hold even though i didn't know about it..
Then i went to Melton truck lines a Flat bedding Company

Flat bedding was fun A nice new experience other than the Norm of backing into a dock and getting loaded then going you are part of the loading and unloading process I Enjoyed the logistics and the activity of it i just hated the tarping But after working there for a month and a half was let go because of a ticket that i had gotten in may at knight It was a Oregon Tax weight Receipt Ticket that Knight Told me They were going to pay and apparently They never Did So My Licence Got suspended In OR

SO now here I am Loving Trucking and Hating These Bigger Companies And How they Treat their Drivers
I Enjoy Driving Every Day For 600+ Miles a day in a truck governed Or More miles in one that isn't

Give Me A Chance And You Wont Regret It
If You want a Driver that Loves to Drive the Most Miles and doesnt Have to Be Babysat Than Give me a call at 989 971 2314

Thanks For Your Time and Consideration

Full Time OTR 3 Weeks Out 3-4 Days Home

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Feb 22, 2017
Job hopping & tickets. NEW
by: Anonymous

TransAm and USA Truck will probably hire you.
Maybe, Balkan Express and Carolina Logistics also.
Do the online application, then follow with a phone call; "I'm checking on my job application."

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