Dallas Tx. Johnny Cooper

by J0hnny C00per
(Dallas Tx)

Looking for s0me0ne t0 dive f0r that pulls dry van that d0n,t g0 west in big m0untains. I have C0nf0rmati0n fr0m D0T-0DAPC in Washingt0n DC and pr00f myself.

I can f0rward Email 0r fax Verificati0n Statement T0 y0u.C0mpany third party representatives were wr0ng and negligent. I met D0T requirements. Hm ph0ne 972-241-3997 email address jlcj4017@yahoo.com

Just trying t0 start my life 0ver fr0m s0mething that was d0ne wr0ng t0 me by c0mpany and refusing t0 change f0r the right.

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