Dallas trucking school graduate ready for the road

by demetrius mukes

Hi,im a 30 year old male who just graduated from a trucking school in dallas (international truck driving).

I was charged with a possession in 2007 which was five years ago... every since i gotten my Cdl'S i haven't gotten a job anywhere local or otr.

i have put my past behind me i made a mistake but i am trying to provide for my family but it's getting really hard with everybody telling me no.

If there is anybody who is willing to give me a chance you wont be disappointed. i am a hard worker who loves working long hours. i would love to work in the oilfield or driving just getting exp.

you can reach me by Email at Mksdemetrius@aol.com or phone at 903-742-5446. thank you.

Keep your head up Demetrius. You are at the point now where many companies will pause and check you out. That is the 5 year mark for time past since a charge.

Keep knocking on doors and staying on track. Take a look at this page also
small trucking companies

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