Dallas texas driver wants to buy a truck from owner operator

by Terrance Robinson
(Dallas tx)

Im twenty nine years old and been driving for eight years im looking for a private owner willing to sell his truck to me . While leting me make payments as much as 1200 per month untill asking price is reached!!

Im loOking for a truck thats been well maintain and at least good for 100,000 miles before any major work is needed!! I know its hard to trust people especially in this economy but im a pretty stand up guy who strongly believes in Christ and that you do un to others as you wish them to do unto you!!

Therefore i believe that no good will come to me or the business i want to start if i misuse anyone for my on benefit!!

A little about me im a extreamly hard worker from a small farm town in florida where my strong work ethic originated!! I just have made bad decision when it comes to credit but thats something ive learned from and trying to correct!!

I just pray that theres someone out there that has a truck thats sitting and would like to lease to purchase to a young man thats willing to put it to work!! I believe that there will be no problem with makeing 1300 dollars a month payments untill trucks paid in full!!!

I dont know if this is the right way to go abt this but the acct that i need a truck for starts in two weeks and ive exausted all other means!!!if someone can help please cosider if not thanks anyway and God Bless!!

If you are intetested and have a truck you may concider leaseing to me so i may purchase please contact me at. Tjrobinson007@gmail.com thanks alot!!

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Sep 08, 2011
I am a true believer!!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks alot Benhur, I needed that inlspiration!!!

Sep 08, 2011
by: Benhur

Well men if you believe that you gonna have the truck, you gonna have it, because Jesus said that anything that you ask for, and you really believe it, he will give it to you, and you seems to be a honest man, I know that Jesus is going to touch some hearths for you, you ll see GOD BLESS YOU

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