Daddys Trucker

by Kourtney
(North Carolina)

hey im kourtney im 24 i got my CDL when i was 19 and iv driven for my dads trucking company since then all my life iv loved trucks and all my life i said one day ill drive and now i do.. people only see the good part of trucking, the nice trucks and freedom but what they dont see is how hard we work and being women it means working 10 times as hard.

Guys dont respect the fact that woman can do a job just as good or better than them. I have finally gained some respect after all these years.. my dad always said if you have 18 speeds use them and its the same in life never live in reverse keep going until you know youve succeded and youve used everything you can.

I grew up in a house full of boys my mom died when i was a year old. its always been me my dad and my 5 brothers . i love my life as a trucker and i wouldnt trade it for anything .

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May 17, 2011
Truckers Daughter
by: Whitney

My dad is a trucker too! Im only 12 tho but im going to be a trucker and get my cdl when im 21 :)...i have 4 brothers one of them has already been a trucker and one that is a year older than me is going to be a trucker and we are going to start up our own company :)Okay just wanted to say that
Byeeeee nowww :P

Feb 04, 2011
Female on the road
by: Anonymous

I am getting ready to go to school.What do the men out there treat you like.What should I beware of?

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