curtis Ivory 19month total experience

by curtis
(mount pleasant tx)

In 2001 i went to a trucking school made very good grades was in the top 1 percent of students. I drove for covenant transport for 14 months looked to go elsewhere the i went back to them for another five months and wanted to own my own truck so i looked around and found a lease purchase company that was kinda what i was looking for.

went to orientation and failed pre employment u/a. been over seven years ago and cant get a job not tickets to felonies on misdemeanor from being in pos. of alcohol when i was 19 years old im 32 now no accidents abandonments no criminal history at all still cant get a job.

i would take care of the truck like it was mine after all that's how i would make money. I would just like another chance to do what i love to do and that is drive please help no recent exp since 2003 but a very fast learner and great attitude thanks for you time and consideration

Mount Pleasant Texas 120 miles east of dallas

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