Crazy Incidents Company Put on DAC report

by Jm
(Dallas, tx)

I was driving otr at one point and decided to take a local job. The pay was fantastic and I was told that I’d be hauling loads intrastate.

It was all fine and dandy until a couple weeks in I wasn’t given any loads. Just doing yard hostler work. We had a new manager come in about 4 months ago who was ineffective. Nothing personal against him but I believe he had a problem with me because I help him to his word.

Anyways, I would indeed occasionally move loads and never had a problem with this. However, because of my managers uncaring attitude, I was doing yard hostling in a very tight yard with a sleeper truck. This created more complications than I would have liked.

I got my truck stuck in the mud after a flash flood. I managed to get my truck out on my own but not without tearing up a patch of grass.
That was last week. I was terminated on august 24th 2022. I applied for many jobs and went through the application with the companies I liked best. I was rejected by a few until finally a kind recruiter told me why I was getting rejected: my dac report.

This company put seven incidences on my dac report. A few were justified but I plan on contesting the others that I feel were just out there out of spite.

I never intended to work as a yard hostler and I did 2 years with my first company with only 2 incidences, none of which are dot reportable, resulted in injury, required a tow. And of the seven incidences at my last job, all the ones which are legitimate were on
the yard moving trailers.

I’m definitely going to fight the ones I was not at fault for (three of the incidences were dropped trailers. I can only think of one incidence with a dropped trailer and it wasn’t my fault and I was told I would not be dinged for it).

Essentially, I stayed for the pay and home time but I regret it now and wish I had stayed on the road where I excelled. I am a self starter, a runner, on time, and extremely safe. \

What I just described about the job I got let go from isn’t even 10% of the issues I had with them but explaining that here would be far too long and involved. Petty office politics.

I just didn’t fit there and knew it for a long time but I put up with it and did the job the best I could. And it’s awful that what I get in return is essentially being black listed from most companies.

Finally, I just need something right now while I wait to contest my dac. Or who knows, if I find a good fit who will look at my case subjectively and see through the BS I put up with at that company, I’d probably end up staying.

I figure maybe second chance companies would give me a chance, even though I’ve never failed a drug test.

I’m based out of Dallas Texas and desperate for a job. This has been my livelihood since I started and nothing else will really pay my bills since I projected that this would be my career.

I thought I’d at the very least share my situation, even if it doesn’t necessarily apply to SAP.

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