by Craig
(Portland, OR)

Hey Hervy, this comment is not just meant for this 'bad habits" article, but for you in general. You are a great human with a great attitude. I am not even a trucker, and I read your stuff sometimes! Lol....It's good man.

I am actually trying to go to trucking school, and I have found one that will work with me and help me get a guaranteed job in writing before I start the school.

I am in Portland, OR and the school is called IITR. They seem honest and willing to help me. They even told me that they don't want me to enroll in the school until they have a guaranteed job for me.

You see, I have 4 felonies, none of them are very "serious" in nature, just paper stuff, and not for a lot of money, like $700 each. BUT, the felonies do cause problems getting any job, and trucking is no different, so I am very happy that IITR is willing to give it a shot!

Anyway, your "rant" on Subway's tuna scam is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

God bless you man, and I hope that someday I will be trucking in the same place you are and I can invite you to a "healthy" meal, my treat, as a brother in the Lord.

God bless you man.

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Nov 17, 2011
Update on you man NEW
by: Hervy

Hey Craig, i was reading back over your post.

Was wondering how that trucking school worked out for you. Did they find you a job and did they actually try to work with you or did they say that to politely keep from taking your money without saying don't go to school. This I would like to know so I know whether to blast that school for other guys in your situation.

Also how are you doing now? Did you find a job and what type of company was it? Do you like it? Do they treat you fairly? Is it what you expected to be OTR?

So anyway,let me know how things are going, you.


Sep 21, 2011
Thanks Craig hope things go well for ya
by: hervy

Thanks Craig. Sounds like IITR - Internations Institue of Transportation Resources sounds like a real stand up truck driver training school in the Oregon, Washington area. Very nice to know.

Also it seems like you have gone down an entirely different path in the right direction Craig, I sure hope you are getting along just fine in spite of the evidence of the past still littering the ground.

Like anon said, check into getting it drop from your record if you can. Even if you don't need it done right now, it will only make things less troublesome for you as life goes on and other try use it to judge you by.

Give us an update on how things are going if you get a chance. For the people who hasn't seen it here is the subway video Craig is talking about.

Feb 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes they are companies that will hire you but beware these school will tell you anything to get your money. And if possible hire a lawyer and get them removed from your record because if you do not it will be hard to get a driving job.

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