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I have been trying to get my cdls every since I got out of prison last year. My felonies are from 2009 an 2011. I have 3 felonies 2 of which I got probation for an last one I went to prison for. I was you young when I caught my cases an I have learned from them.

Every cdl place I call wants you to wait 7-10 years just to even apply an all the other ones want you to pay 5000 plus just to go to school which is crazy.

I just wanna prove that im not the same person I was back then.I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.So if any one know a trucking company that you think I may have a chance with you can call or text me at 580-704-9770 Thank

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Feb 02, 2016
Even though they say ten years
by: Anonymous

Depending on your felony it may be a no chance in hell we ever hire you.
21 years ago I was caught with cocaine, like you I was young and dumb. Getting caught saved my life and turned my life around.

I paid for out of pocket my trucking school. Obviously I had changed my life, I applied to all the big box we will train you trucking companies. All said no, remember this was 21 years ago and had no other problems. I finally got lucky with Schneider The VERY last company I applied to and they gave me a chance.

They were my last option and at this point had came to the realization I just wasted 3500 bucks getting my cdl. Schneider gave me a chance, ONLY because it was so old.

Good luck my friend but I assure you no one will give you a look with such recent indictments. It's a minimum of 7 to ten years and some felonies they wont even look at you

Feb 02, 2016
Unfortunate Reality (maybe or maybe not)
by: Hervy

Unfortunately, no good trucking company is going to hire you right now. They just have too many applicants without that on their record.

The information you got about waiting 10 years was about right. Even with that, you need to have some significant examples of how you turned around since the time of the felonies. (Read the page for felons, if you haven't, it explains all of this)

The one thing you have to do, is look at it from the employers perspective but it also helps if you understand business.

In any case, obviously you don't want to (can't) wait around 10 years for something that is not guaranteed.

My suggestion is take a career assessment test and find out what other types of jobs you might like or be good in and see what might be available to you there.

A better suggestion is to think about how you might be able to create your own opportunity. Especially if you like helping other people. What skills or experience have you had that might be helpful to other people. Find a way to help them based on that past experience.

You are going through one right now. Ever thought about speaking to youth or peers about doing life. You have a story of how your past is affecting you. You can also have a story of turning lemons into lemonade. I know you are trying to do that with traditional work (JOB) as a trucker. That is not going to work. You can do it in less traditional ways. Speaking, coaching, mentoring, writing, etc.

Find a local group that you can mentor others and build up your credibility. Network with organizations. Share your experience and what you have learned and how you want to help others. Ask them if they have a way that you can help other people.

That will be the beginning of your opportunity. I don't know your immediate needs. You may need to just find any kind of work right now and work on your real passions of helping people in the spare time.

The trucking school take your money and training you but it will be a waste of your money man.

Don't let this get you down. Don't take it personal. It's just how it is. These companies have to go on is your history. They don't know you or your intentions and they have guidelines to follow. (and lawyers, insurance companies, regulations, etc as well)

Stay strong my friend and keep your head up. There are things that you can do to earn an honest living, but it will require you to think outside of the box. However, it could be the most rewarding decision that you ever made both financially and for the soul. Find a way to help others using something that you are passionate about.

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