Construction Owner

by Dennis Drumm
(Reno Nevada)

Have been in the business all my life and operated dozers, loaders blades backhoes excavators etc several years even a roust about in the uranium boom finally decided to do things on my own little did i know we were headed for a recession created by our government.

Still surviving but not much for oil field work in Reno Nevada but have grown over the 5 years where most companies have went down around here.

I think the work can be demanding for some but it gets in your blood either you have it or don't not much in between, THEY DON'T LAST LONG, Mud road then going to dusty rough or snow

i remember a rig move on Mount Talor in Grants New Mexico i had three coats on operating a D8 Dozer draped over my lap it was snowing so hard we couldn't hardly see but we did get the Carmac Rig moved with out sliding off the mountain.

Demanding YES but for those who likes a good job out side in the elements and not siting in a office may find it very rewarding.

As for me always looking to keep my equipment moving.

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Jan 25, 2012
Keeping it moving
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing Dennis.

As far as the government causing the recession, I think we the people had a little to do with it also.

Signing for loans and charging for things that we couldn't afford. Not very many people stand with no responsibility.

If we don't face up to that reality our lives will be no better after recovery because we will continue to act with that same behavior if we are allowed to.

Now, hopefully people not be allowed to but the mentality could still be crippling by acting out on a smaller scale.

For instance, living room full or rent a center stuff instead of waiting to buy. Buying a used expensive car not being able to afford maintenance.

Same principles as buying an overpriced house just cause you can. If you can't afford it don't buy it. That's a lesson that we need to learn fast.

That's real talk.

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