confused about what is happening

I've been with my trucker for 3 yrs not yet married but he did ask (somewhat) and we've had some UPS and downs not a lot maybe 3.

Well a wk b4 Christmas we was getting his truck ready so he could pull out, I noticed the corner of a condom wrapper so I asked him about it. He said its not mine and u know I don't use them maybe the boy across the street used his truck.

OK so I tried not to think about it but then the Monday b4 Christmas I was getting ready for work when he comes n and asked me who so and so was I told him ( which was a ex girlfriend of my brothers) then he asked well y is she telling u she loves u so he shows me the phone and the message said good morning how r u.

So I asked him what he was talking about and even showed him the text again ok everything seemed fine he was at home til Christmas day then had to leave. I talked to him that night but then he wouldn't answer my calls til sat I was upset with him so I didn't talk long (and I was going to my dads for his Christmas) so still being upset I texted him and told him I was tired of being treated like I didn't matter so then he's texts back saying text the one that text I love u.

He's thinking I'm cheating on him. S till he won't answer my calls so I didn't bother then finally on Tues he text me wants to talk so we talk and kinda work things out but he's looking up spy shop to check my phone when all he has to do is look at it at anytime.

I just don't understand

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Jan 16, 2014
dont know what to do anymore NEW
by: Anonymous

If he's checking my phone should I check his? I seen a email on his phone that had re like where he replied but when I asked him he said that's how it came yeah ok

Jan 08, 2014
Does he really think that NEW
by: Hervy

Sounds more like he wants you to believe that he thinks you are cheating so that he can take the spotlight off of him.

I say consider this, first he saw something that was not there. "I love you" for "How r u".

Then obviously he saw it was he mistake.

Later however, he pretends that that mistake wasn't made and that the words were "I Love You" again with convenient timing.

Fishy to me.

That's just my 2 cents though, see how other people feel about what is going on.

I do believe you need couples counseling or relationships coaching though.

Best of luck with getting things straightened out.

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