Company wants a leased truck back, do I have any recourse

by Jimmy
(Santa Maria Ca)

I leased a truck 6 months ago from Knight Transportation and the truck wasn't road worthy at the time and had to pay a percentage of the repair bill plus all kinds of big deposits and escrows.

Recently I took some time off at home and they were giving loads that were late and should have been picked up days ago.

I still have possession of the truck and trailer and they are making no effort to come and get it or pay my deposits back. They will not send me any money to return the truck to them.

Do I have any recourse?

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Feb 02, 2014
??? NEW
by: Anonymous

was there a contract?

how many months/years was written into the lease?

need to be specific:

what were the deposits for?

is the truck road ready since you made repairs, and still in road ready condition?

how early on did the problems begin once you leased the truck?

did your escrow paperwork indicate nonrefundable?

did your leasing contract indicate nonrefundable deposits?

You can usually tell if you have any recourse by reading your leasing contract and if the lease is not up yet and they want it back they are breaking the contract which may be a breach. If you signed your life away, forget about getting anything back..READ THE CONTRACT thoroughly...

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