Company said new rule for 2018 driver can’t be on any opioids

by Tinman
(Pensacola, Florida )

I have been driving since 2008 and being on opiates since 1997 broke my neck in 4 places and messed up my lower back as well and always pass the drug test with it in my system. Even the DOT physical and told them all the time that I was on them.

The company I’m working for now been with them for two years still on opiates. I take them the way they’re prescribed and I use their DOT examiner and they know to about the opiate.

Now my company saying new rule for 2018 any drivers on opiates will be terminated and subject to a fine as well. And They’re starting random drug testing.

So I am a little concerned what might happen if they fire me want to know what my options are. And my legal rights and I do have prescriptions from the doc and can they even fire me haven’t had any accidents no tickets of any kind while operating a commercial vehicle or personal vehicle.

Any advice would be helpful thanks.

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