Company forcing husband to drive illegally. What can he do?

by Allana
(MB, Canada )

My fiancé is on his fourth week of being a truck driver, and the company he works for is pushing him very hard to drive illegally.

This morning he got a text on his company phone telling him he has to pick up this load of grain which is 92000lbs of grain. By my knowledge that is almost 10000lbs over the legal limit. Not just a small distance either! He has to go from Manitoba to south of Minnesota with this.

They just told him to stay off the interstate no matter what. That was his last straw, every single day he has had to fudge the books in order to do what this company requires of him, not to mention he is shadowing his trainer who refuses to stop before 16hrs.

The company expects no less than 4000 miles a week! He can't take the stress and anxiety of this. He is a very by the book man, and breaking the laws in order to do his dream job is tearing him apart.

What can he do about this without losing his job? He is already looking for another job but if he quits or gets fired before that we will lose everything.

Keep in mind we are in Canada. Thank you.

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