Company Drive

by Richard Holloway
(Columbia SC Richland)

I have on my Criminal record .Common Law Robbery/strong arm robbery Which is Misdemeanor felony that which the Fifth Judical Circuit in Columbia SC the Expungement Coordinator Errol Boler Said it a misdemeanor felony hear is the number 803-576-1824

I have a difficut time with western expess trucking.I had Difficut time with trainer at western expess The frist three trainers all they wanted to run miles not training than I went across the Pawtucket Bridge and wented out of route 600 miles out of Route than western put me with another trainer had three days left to get my on truck but get into Heated Argument so Resigned. My name is Richard Holloway Cell 803-587-0194 four Months Expereience start 03/29/10 End 07/16/10 with western.

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