College grad 3rd generation trucker

by Tim House
(Pontiac mich)

I owned a truck repair facility in southwest Detroit. November 2005, Without checking background, I rented the building to person who held dog fights.

The place was raided and I was charged and convicted of animal fighting. As the judge said "if I didn't know I should have." So here I am, college grad, 3rd generation trucker and business owner unable to find a trucking job.

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Oct 07, 2012
Felony case
by: David M. Engler

Hi !

First you must see if YOU have a FELONEY charge
against you ! If you do,hire a lawyer to clear your name, Then find a refresher course to get your foot in the door of trucking companys!

In wisconsin, It cost $380.00 ! Good Luck

Oct 07, 2012
"Animal Cruelty"
by: Anonymous

With all due respect that is a hard luck story, Tim. But it seems consonent with your decision making processes. In short, it looks as though you compounded your initial mistake by hiring a shyster if you bothered hiring any attorney at all.

I do not know of any companies that would hold an "animal cruelty" conviction against you anyway unless; one, if were a felony that resulted in prison time; two, was relatively recent; and, three, has something to do with the position, which it does not.

I have been in trucking and transportation virtually all of my adult and certainly most of my professional life. I have never, ever heard of such a conviction hindering one's ability to obtain a driving job.

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