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Hervy, i'm not a trucker but I understand how important the trucking industry is to our country. I have a internet radio station called Coastal Travel US Radio on and I wanted to ask you if many truckers are listening to internet radio as there driving all day or night.

We play blues, country, honky tonk, and rockabilly music all mixed together which is called Americana music. If they do let your friends know to check out the station.

Scott Hankosky
CoastalTravelUS Radio
Pearland, TX

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Feb 19, 2017
Truckers are always listening to late night radio
by: Hervy

We are always listening to radio late night. Don't know how many will listen to internet radio with satellite and such.

What is unique or different about your station. I think that will be what helps you find a target audience and grow.

Personally I just listen to FM, lol. Still old school. Other than that, I listen to my own CDs.

Are you still up and running and if so, how many listeners per week?

Let them know where to find information about truck driving!

Feb 04, 2016
Cirrus Streaming
by: David Leon

Hi my name is David. In light of the news that Live 365 has shut down all streaming services, I would like to introduce you to Cirrus Streaming.

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Let me know where I can send you more information so you can see what is making us the fastest growing streaming provider in the world.

Contact me via e-mail or reach me directly at 954-481-9402 ext 205. Looking forward to your response.

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