Coast to coast not having a clue or being treated like botch:

Ok, I have to try this out....Hopefully ill get the answers im looking for....

Im a newbie..6 months into this OTR stuff with my boyfriend or just partner depending what day of the anyway we drive for a individual owner, well it was a team when we started this thing then a fight led to me leaving and doing solo for a bit.

Now im back except, charles in charge doesnt know its a team situation again and doesnt care.

Hes a young kid, computer nerd, got together with his buddies and thinks he knows the ways of the land. I'm not saying i do either. But my bfriends been a driver for 20 years. Outcast, old school. Learned to drive when stick and automatic were one.

Anyway, Charles picks loads literally going from coast to coast...2 miles from the water every time. And gives us/him 2 days to do it.

And now is taking our reward points, by having us message him so he can set the pump thru the app. Which takes 20 more minutes to do. Mind u he thinks he has a solo driver. When the broker calls well he thinks its a team.

Bottom talking to many of u would drivevsolo coast to coast on a 70mph governed truck in 2 or even 3 days while having your fuel pump set for u and losing your shower points all to make maybe 2200 to 3000 every 10 days now...1099?

I think hes being treated like a botch and needs to say something.

Whats your opinion?

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Mar 14, 2019
BF being stepped on ? NEW
by: Jimmy

Sounds like it. It is about 54 hrs driving from ocean to ocean with fuel stops etc. I'm curious, does bossman know you and him are teaming, ? he certainly doesn't expect BF to run it solo in 2 days right ? (or does he)?

You can only be taken advantage of, if you let yourself be taken advantage of. Words of wisdom from the old man ! Luck to ya' Jimmy

Mar 11, 2019
Thats not a good deal at all
by: Hervy

My opinion is that you're right. He's being taken advantage of.

Thats not enough money as 1099 and on top of that the guy/owner sounds like an idiot who doesnt care about people and/or is clueless about the way he is operating.

Also it sounds to me unless you're exaggerating or I'm misunderstanding that he is making you run illegal.

I would be looking for another sitiation immediately. Why continue to drive for someone like that? Its ridiculous.

If he's/your boyfriend is 20 years in and yall dont plan on stopping why dont he just go owner op. That's one option....

Or unless he has a bunch of tickets he could get a company job that will pay that if you take taxes into account.

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