Coalinga Ca driver seeking trucking job

by Linda L
(Coalinga, CA)

I'm looking for a reputable company or individual to drive for. I have had my CDL since 1999, but do not have recent tractor-trailer experience due to taking care of a family member and taking some other college classes.

When I did get my CDL in '99,passed the first time; my instructor asked me to work for him teaching vehicle inspection, said I was a natural and his best student. I worked for about 4 yrs.

Hauled loads locally for him, helped with backing skills and testing at DMV. The vocational program closed due to funding.

I am a smaller female but grew up with 3 older brothers always around cars, motorcycles, planes. They took me driving when I was 12, learning to control slides in the snow!

Driving is my desire, it's what I love to do! Would love to get back behind the wheel of the big rigs as I love trucks.

Don't mind being gone for a week, then home a few days would be great. I can do a daily routes, opportunities are limited where I live. It is possible for me to relocate elsewhere in California.

I am and can be a valuable asset for any employer willing to give me a chance to prove I am a good employee. Got the CDL,tanker,doubles,passenger endorsements. Clean driving record.

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