Clearwater, fl tampbay area driver Little Richie

by Little Richie
(Clearwater, Fl. usa)

There are some really great companies out there,but have throw a lot of crap against the wall to find them. I love what i do & do what i love, driving a semi.

No accidents good mvr, no duis,took the smith system the only drawback is i am 66 yrs. old and in super health mind & body. 30 years in trucking.

When i go for an interview, "well would you like to work in the warehouse or as cashier". Bait and switch. i have trained many drivers and tell them to watch out for this. maybe ill take yard jockey job if won comes my way. If You work for really good company let me know or i'll find you good one too.

I went to work for penske a year ago. run me through the coals to get this gig,and what happens is they had me work for Tampa tribune from 11:00pm to 2:00 am 4 nights a week when i was signed up to run Tampa to jax which is a great run but know we only want you to work 12 hours a week.

There are better places out there the more we look, the more The dac which is worthless has stopped good drivers from getting good jobs.

lots of them are crap out there if you get stuck with lies they screw with your dac. i know its happenin to me. so the more i throw against the wall something will stick for you & me.. good Luck & keep your eyes open for a real good trucking job for you and me.

drive safe happy April Richie....

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