class a student driver looking for a second chance

by tony brown
(Blakely, ga)

Hi in 2013 i let a friend use my vehicle to move their clothes from a recent relationships household.

Later that day i was stopped by the police of brake light out in they searched my vehicle. The police said they found Marijuana in my vehicle. But i don't smoke.

So i told my friend that they would have to admit to it because it wasn't in there til they used it. Well the friend didn't show up in court. So I plea to a first offense. So I'm don't have any felonies. I do have probation.

I am allowed to travel in and out of state. But a bigger company will not take me. I don't have to work for a big company. I just want to get my career off the ground. Is there someone out there that can give me a chance. I promise you will not be sorry.

Thanks.tony brown
p.s. i can be reached at 229 726 2248.

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