Class A cdl driver,who's looking for work in the Houston area.Im willing to drive cement trucks especially.Or any thing else a company will let me drive.

by Joseph Ivory
(Houston, TX)

I got lock up in 2004 for agg robbery.Did eight
years flat. Now im out since February 7 2012.

Since I been out,I been looking and praying
For that second chance. To help build my
Family up instead of breaking them down
Like I did one before. And Im also trying
To become a hard working law abiding
Citizens of the United States of America.

So I enroll myself in H.c.c community
College for truck driving. I just completed
Everything and graduated August 30 2012.

So right now I'm looking and searching for a
truck driving job in Houston who will hire a newly
Rebuild GOD fearing man like me.

Ps Thank for listening.

Houston truck driving job

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