Chicago Illinois truck driver job needed

by Shneur
(Chicago, Illinois)

I don't want to be making $30 an hour on long hauls, even as appetizing as that does sound, because I have no experience as a driver yet.

I don't get why new C.D.L. holders are complaining about this, that they wont hire me without it but without it I wont get the experience etc.. I would rather be making $7 an hour for the first two years, and working less hours but not having to be pressured with idle time % etc.. As well as I would be gaining the experience time..

BUT, even with this mindset I'm having an amazingly hard time finding a local (dedicated) job. ( I have been looking for Chicago Illinois and certain areas in Michigan) I even tried asking to train for 3 months ONLY driving 5 hours of the 10 or plus hour shift, (so I wasn't hurting their arrival times etc), and was told to fly a kite.. What am I doing wrong?

I am currently in a 240 hour C.D.L. course (with HAZMAT Endorsement.). It will be issued to me by the State of Illinois. As of now my Graduation date is March 21st.

All I am looking to do once I get my C.D.L. is drive something like, local 5 days a eek,whether dedicated or not does not matter as long as it is local, because of family I would like to be home every night if and when possible, even I have no problem working a night shift etc.. EVEN if I am making minimum wage or just above.. Again in a year or two I would not want to be making minimum. But I would rather be making less in the beginning, because I don't want all the long haul pressures right away as a brand new truck driver..

P.S. I have no driving record violations citations etc.. As well as passed D.O.T. drug and physical test %100, and have never failed a drug test before..

Where do I go from here? What would you suggest?
Chicago Illinois local trucking job

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Jan 21, 2013
keep trying NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi i drive for cr england and i have a dedicate run with walmart. I get to go home one day aweek for now until i get miles under my belt. Ii get, .32 cents a mile and get about 1500it a week some times more. U can try a walmart when u get ur cdl or cook, Pepsi stuff like that. But there are dedicated runs out there. Keep try and calling
Aa trucker

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