chattanooga tn name:margaret telford

I have already posted an inquiry once already,making a second attempt.I am looking for a driving job,driving for an o/o.I have 17 years exp.I have a pretty impressive resume,regarding the different types of experience I have.I am not a bimbo female who doesn't know anything about trucks I do have a mechanical side.

I do not smoke I like to keep a clean truck,I treat the equipment in a way as if it were my own.I do not like to drive junk.

I do not care for the N,East I have gone just prefer not to have to.I like the S,East to the west regions.I am looking for part time/full time which ever.I am someone who handles themselves professionally when dealing with people,places etc.regarding my job,my position,I have a bubbly personality,so I make a good repore with people.Y

You will not be disappointed in considering me for a position driving for you.My # is 423-seven six zero -7030 or e-mail me @

i haven't had an accident in over 10 years or a ticket in over 6 years except for a red light ticket in my car 3 years a go,so I have a clean M.V.R. and driving record.Thank You have a Blessed day.

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