Changing gears

by American Trucker

Changing gears
What life changes does a person make to become this common house hold name that everyone relates to in one way or another, The Trucker.

I did it by personal choice just for love and respect of being a trucker hell almost my whole family are truckers, so you can I born into it with diesel for blood as they say in trucker world. Which is a lifestyle all in its own, can say we live in our own world a truckers world. And not an easy world to get into by far one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs you can ever take on not many are successful at doing so.

Always remember we are the backbone of the world, we keep world moving at a steady pace. Sound a little bold to say but that’s me the way I am will always be, Cause I am American Trucker known world wide 10-4.

Ever since you were a little kid you seen trucks truck’s all over of various sizes and shapes every kid had to have a toy truck. I did and now I drive those truck’s and I educate others to do the same so they can pass the trade on to their kids.

Now grant it not everyone can drive a truck it takes a certain breed of person someone with built in genetics the tenacity to be the best they can. You have to be analytical and mechanical at same time. Wow big words for a trucker huh. Not really truckers are very intelligent people they multitask like no other can make split second decisions that may at times be life altering.

So never under estimate the intelligence of a truck driver you just maybe surprised what you learn from them.

The American Trucker

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