CDL Grad looking to drive!!

by George
(Wilmington, NC US)

My name is George, I am a recent cdl grad in Wilmington, NC. I graduated in august/2012. I was recently at a company in Tennessee but was sent home after 3 DAYS orientation.

Recruiter said it was because i live out of hiring area(WtF?) so i was sent back home and been trying to get into another company since.

My only drawback is a felony in 2006, which is the reason why i have been denied by a majority of companies.

Anybody with any suggestions or comments feel free! I'm ready to drive!!

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Dec 07, 2012
George you have a real big problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Lets put this in some kind of perspective. The trucking company actually doesn't care about your past. It might be interesting but, people learn from their mistakes and go on with life. Saying that, What's the problem then? - If "Your" the manufacture and going to ship your product you might look at the internet to see who can handle the shipment, what type of equipment, how many employees and time in transport all of which can be checked.
Now,how would you feel if the advetising stated
that some of the drivers have a shaded past, that stem from domestic abuse to murder, But,they have payed their debt to society and all are hard working men and women, we appreciate your business.. Your call!
I know it's a little bit out there, but I think the point is made clear.
Things happen, maybe your looking in the wrong direction, why not get your own truck and go independent O/O - There's no applications just use the loadboards. You can pick up a good truck at a reasonable price, look for someone who's getting out of the business see if they take payments, who knows they might help you to make contacts.. Good luck

Dec 01, 2012
Looking for a job. NEW
by: Wesley

You say they senT you home because you lived outside the hiring area, you would think they can figure that out before they got you there. Maybe it's because of the felony. I don't know what youR felony was, but just about every company has a time limit on certain felonies and on some felonies. None will hire you if you have one of those the majority of legitimate companies will not hire you, but it is possible to get a driving job. You just have to find a company that doesn't dig deep into your records and that's not easy, but they out there. From experience, I'll tell you, you have to go under the radar, there's owner operators and mom-and-pop companies out there that will hire anybody as long as you can drive and as long as you do your job. They don't care much about your past, I suggest you try those kind of places. If you get on with them and stay there for a few years, Run hard do your job, keep your record clean then reapply with a few of the big companies where you want to work, you may get lucky. This has been done before long as you don't commit any more felonies and come with a clean driving record. Good luck on that

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